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Hear what the music makers did. Feel why they did it. Connect deeper with the recording to experience exactly what the artist intended.

Seamless integration

Low crossover point, seamless driver integration, easy placement and ensured performance in any room. All thanks to our 5th generation waveguide.

Unique highlights

Why Choose Amphion for your company website?

Distribution and specialist service providers. We partner with 400+ global brands and over 15,000 resellers we work with. By partnering with Amphion whether you're a business reseller, retailer or mobile customer we are the best at what we do and our customers can vouch for the services we provide.

We Are The Business

The largest brands out there need to provide support for their customers. This is where we pride ourselves on providing support like no other, we work with our resellers to ensure they have the know-how, specification and training to provide support. Like this when our customers win, we all win. Reseller – Distributor – Manufacturers. All working harmoniously and collectively to achieve the end goal of sales in a fast effective manner.

The Brands We Supply

Your number one source for all products including all major brands such as Apple, Miele, DJI and Many More. We now serve customers all over the world and are thrilled to be a part of the consumer electronics and home appliances sector of the industry. We’re just not a supplier, but also are the voice of the manufacturer. Marketing assistance and pre-brand launch updates are some of the things we offer our partners.

Dedicated Managers

As account managers we are your voice and make sure your every need is met. Having a dedicated account manager also helps us to learn more about our customers. We can be pro-active rather than reactive and thus informing you before you become aware of any new models, brands or marketing campaigns. As we build upon relationships we add a personal touch and give you confidence to know that we stand behind our word. 

From hifi awards to world leading studio performance

How does a respected home audio manufacturer find its way into the world’s top studios? As our story shows, good things can happen when Lady Fortuna interferes with careful planning…

“Thank you for pushing the boundaries of perfection. You have taken the word ‘listen’ to another level.”

Giancarlo Del Sordo – CEO of Acustica Audio

“For me, the best speakers have to sound great without hiding a thing. Amphion’s do exactly that!”

Finneas O’Connell – Singer-songwriter & record producer

“Amphion’s spoke to me on an emotional level I had not experienced before.”

Peter Stoel – Post-production & sound-designer

“I sometimes still go to the studio just to listen to music.”

Ali Shaheed Muhammad – Member of A Tribe Called Quest

“Amphion is bridging the gap between my monitor environment and end listener experience like no other speaker I’ve tried.”

Jens Bogren – Record producer & mix engineer

“You created a monitor that has made the job of so many people more exciting. Listening to music how it should be represented.”

Mitch McCarthy – Mixing engineer